Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Years End!

Today Craig is working and I am just trying to keep myself entertained, so I was looking at all of our pictures he has on his computer of this last year. WOW!!! I can't believe everything that has happened and how much our life has changed. So I thought that I would summarize our year for our first "real blog"....
December 2006~ One year ago Craig took me to Layton Park and he proposed. It was even better than my dreams! He did such a cute job, and he actually surprised me! We then celebrated Christmas with my family in Utah, which was lots of fun because every member of my family was there to spend Christmas eve night...in matching PJ's!
January 2007~ I think I must have been in la la land on a high because I can't remember anything that happened that month. I think Craig spent that month going back and forth from Denver to Utah.
February~We were getting so sick of the whole long distance relationship thing! Counting down the days till our wedding. The big bummer was we didn't even get to spend Valentines together, however Craig sent me an amazing bouquet of flowers..... I mean he didn't.
March~ On the 17th we were sealed in the Salt Lake temple! That was an unforgettable experience! The day couldn't have been any better. Both of our families were there, my groom was picture perfect, the weather was awesome, and it really was an amazing day! We then honeymooned to Cancun Mexico and that was a little less than perfect. Our baggage was lost, our flight home was delayed with a layover in Arizona, which made us 15 minutes late for our reception in New Mexico. Craig's family did a great job with that reception it was so nice and every detailed perfected. Then life got crazy for me, I moved to Aurora Colorado and left everything familiar to me behind.
April~ Craig was super busy studying for his last board exams! Later that month I started working at CU Ortho department (which was nice cause I got to see Craig lots more!)
May~We got our baggage back from our honeymoon with not much left in it.
June~More poopy school and work.
July~More poopy school and work. Our home was not selling. Oh snap.
August~We went back to Utah for my brother Briant and Stephanie's wedding. Stephanie looked beautiful just like a barbie. It was a really nice day however their reception was rained out.
September~We took a trip down to Arizona and that month Craig signed on a practice in Prescott. That was pretty scary because we signed away seven years of our life. When they asked for my signature my hands were shaking so bad, it took all I had to stay on the line!
October~ Both Craig and I have sisters in Texas and we were able to take a trip down to visit them. It was lots of fun to see how fast all of our cute little nieces and nephews grow, and it breaks our heart that we don't live closer.
November~ On the 29th Craig completed his 10 years of school and graduated from orthodontic school! It was great! I swear he isn't going to know what to do with himself! Who cares about school.... Craigs little doggy and love of his life "Widdo Bear" died. :( (Craig added that)
December~ We ended up renting a home in Prescott Valley its really nice however it is orange and navy blue with a southwest flare that's not quit my style. Craig is working with his brother Ryan until we figure out what will work best for him while the practice in Prescott is being built up. Everyday its a new plan. I really can't keep up! Lots to do with lots of decisions but good opportunities!
As I look back on the year I can't believe how much the Lord has blessed us! We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!!!

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Cassie said...

Yeah! You did it! ANd with music...and a slide show! Fantastico! (Sorry, too much Dora.) Very fun. It was fun to see your house in Denver...now you just need to post your new house! Good to see things. I am very excited about your blog!