Monday, December 8, 2008

New Orleans!

Craig and his brother Ryan had a orthodontic meeting in New Orleans this last week. I was able to go along and so was Ryan's fiance Brittany. Everything was planned and paid for us, and we were treated like royalty! We ate at the nicest restaurants I have ever been to in my life! I know I had to gain at least 5 lbs....we ate so much! We saw some of the devastation of hurricane Katrina, it still looks like it could have happened last week, so sad! Bourbon street was an eye full...its worse than Vegas! Also it is the most dangerous city in America and has more murders and theft then anywhere else. SCARY! While Craig and Ryan were in meetings Brittany and I caught a cab and went off exploring on our own (not very smart)! We thought we were safe because it was mid day, but we were wrong, lots of scary things!!! Over all it was a great trip and we had a blast!

Big money on Bourbon street!
Look at that crab leg!
Mardi Gras Mask!
Me, Craig, Brittany, Ryan on the infamous Bourbon Street
Pat O Brian's flame fountain 
The OrthoSynetics Group!
French Quarters 
Mississippi River
I just loved this door! I had to get a picture of it!
I don't know why I can't just smile for the camera!
I love all the street performers!
This magic guy was awesome! We had to tip him!
Mississippi River at night with my cute husband!
Turtle soup! It is actually Yummy!


Cassie said...

New Orleans is actually so weird, Hu? It's so intriguing too. I'll have to quiz you about your scary experience while exploring! You have some pictures on there of places I've never seen on my trips...the flame, and the castle looking french quarters. I must have gone to the poor side. Anyway, glad you made it back safely. Did you ever find the Cafe I was telling you about?

Erickson Familytales said...

Looks like you had a blast! Love the pics!!! And your darling christmas message/ card at the top! Look at you with your photoshop skills :)

Devyn said...

looks like so much fun! glad you were safe!

*Elicia* said...

Oh I'm jealous. Im glad your back to your "Arizona home" safe. Your hair is getting so long Aly. What is your secret? I need it. When are you coming to Utah again?

Jeani said...

Wow! That was way fun to see all your pictures! What an experience! You guys all look so cute and wholesome in sin city. Great to see your shots and even greater that you made it home. :)

The Serr Team said...

That is so fun you two! I am glad two beautiful girls were at least with two bodyguards. I've never been to New Orleans, but now don't know how badly I want to go. We'll have to catch up and hear more about it. I love the pics and am so glad you had a good time!

Colton and Ashley said...

Okay I was living in the moment and pretending I was on the trip with you until I saw...TURTLE SOUP!!!!! Yuck Als! That's disgusting! I think I'm going to barf? Yeah maybe! Anyhow, looks like you guys had a blast! You are so stinkin cute!

Dramatic Imaging said...

Man those Young Boys have some HOT girls! I just keep looking at the pics like your both not real! You guys need a photo shoot! How is photography coming? Any questions? Sorry I was no help! We are just a little insane around here. Plus I feel bad that Pam asked me to help her with pics a long time ago and I still haven't. Ya know? Anyway, hope you are having fun with the new camera and learning lots! Careful, it is addictive!

Michiko said...

We miss you guys! I'm glad we can keep in touch through blogging now - not that I update mine very often, but . . . It's better than nothing! :)