Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finding Emily Reunion

About a year or so ago my Aunt wrote a historic novel on my great great grandma Emily. I loved reading this book because I was able to learn more about my family and where I come from. Also while I read this book it made me realize how blessed I really am and how grateful I am that I live in todays time! I promise I would have not have survived! Anyways, while I was in Utah we drove up to Wyoming to have a "Finding Emily Reunion" and to see the places in the book and to learn even more of Emily.

My gorgeous cousin Sheena wearing my great grandmother's wedding dress!
This was Emily's first home when she moved to WY. She lost her husband and two children while living here... one of the many reasons I would not have survived!

Here is a group photo of most the people at the reunion.
Here is what we look like after 2 days in the Wyoming desert sun.. However this was taken in front of my late grandpa's barn so I love it for that reason.
A few of my girl cousins! I love these beautiful, kind, talented girls!
My family's brand.
And I just love this one of my two nephews Adam and Jaxson!


Prax Family said...

That was her house!? That is a perfect example of why I was born now!

Jeff and Ashley said...

Isn't it so interesting to learn about our ancestors! I bet it was so neat to go see places that she lived. You guys look darling in that picture against the barn!

Kristy said...

That sounds like an awesome reunion. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I love the picture of her wedding dress.

Colton and Ashley said...

How fun! And to have that history!

Kyle and Becky said...

I love seeing what good friends Jaxson and Adam have become.