Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This picture makes me laugh! Its so hard to catch a flip on a camera.
Craig, Livi and I on the tube! 
The Alamo
Dinner on the River Walk!
Cassie and Todd
The River Walk is so much fun!
You can't go to San Antonio with out going to Sea World! I love the Sea World there it has a water park, rides and lots of amazing shows!
Our cute little nieces Alivia and Taya!
Thanks Cass and Todd for everything! We had such a great time! I wish we lived closer!!!


*Elicia* said...

It looks like you had a good time. I can't even tell your prego aly its so disappointing :) just kidding. I like your levi shorts very cute!!!

Kristy said...

How fun! I love San Antonio to. Elicia is right you really can't trell you are prego. I want to see your cute little belly. You are lucky you have a long body to hide the belly, I'm so short you could tell I was prego really fast. Cute pics!

Colton and Ashley said...

Man, we just missed each other there! Too bad we didn't plan better! Then I would have had someone to hang out with! :)

Colton and Ashley said...

WOW WOW WOW NEw HOUSE? WHoo hoo! Was it that one we looked at? Details girl! Maybe I can make a trip up there soon! How fun!

Colton and Ashley said...

Does Craig have a website?

Cassie said...

Those are great pictures! K, the one of us on the Riverwalk, I totaly look like the pregnant one and not you! The camera can be cruel!

Erickson Familytales said...

You do not even look pregnant you are so tiny! Looks like fun we miss you guys you look darling!