Tuesday, June 9, 2009

San Diego!!!

This last month has been a busy one! We bought a new home and moved out of our rental! Its going to be lots of work, with 2 acres that need to be landscaped but I love it! We painted some rooms, epoxy the garage floor, there has just been project after project. I will post some pictures of our home later when there aren't boxes in the middle of the floor! With all that has been going on it was nice to take a trip to San Diego with Craig's family for his brother Ryan's wedding. We had such a great time! San Diego wasn't as warm as I was hoping the beach was pretty cold but I still got some sun, so all is good! 

Pamela on the beach...she is so gorgeous!
Not so gorgeous but I was trying out my Karate Kid skills!
My handsome hubby! I loved the pier and he was a good enough sport to let me get some pictures of him by it!
Yup! There it is...the baby bump at 29 weeks!
Pamela and Spencer are such a fun couple you can't be around them with out laughing the whole time! And they are so beautiful. Don't you hate people like them:)?!


Kristy said...

Oh you are so cute preggo! Your tummy is not very big at all mine was monstrous. I want to know what names you have picked out. I am so excited to see pictures of your new house. Man I miss you I hope we can see when we go to AZ.

Cassie said...

You look pretty darn cute! It's a tummy to be proud of!

Erickson Familytales said...

You look so darling! You are tiny for half way girlie! I can't believe Ryan is married thats awesome I knew it was coming but, it came fast! Hope you guys are doing awesome you better keep us posted on baby news and house stuff CONGRATS thats big news!!