Friday, December 4, 2009

Family Tradition!

My family has a tradition that we do every year! We go up in the mountains of WY the day after thanksgiving and we cut down our Christmas tree. We all get bundled up and we spend the day hunting for the "perfect" tree, sledding behind the car, drinking hot coco and eating leftover turkey sandwiches. After we find the winner we strap it on top of the expedition and make our way back to UT. We really do look like the Griswalds! We have been doing this my whole life and it really is one of my favorite traditions!
Some of the fam on the hunt!
Brielle isn't a fan of the tradition! (She reminded me of Ralphie on the Christmas Story)
Cute little Hallee all bundled!
Becky and miss Jayda!


Kristy said...

I always think of you trekking in the woods looking for your tree every year. I have always known it is one of your favorite tradition. I caught a glimpse of the Griswald's Family Christmas on TV and thought of you guys and wondered if you and Craig took a tree all the way back to AZ. I thought it would be pretty funny if you did. And I have seen that driving to AZ so you could if your really wanted. I hope you guys have a happy and safe Christmas!

Kyle and Becky said...

I love this tradition. I am so glad that I am apart of your family so I get to trek through the forest.

Jeff and Ashley said...

That picture of Brielle cracks me up!!!

keep klein-man said...

She is so cute!! I love her cry..

Elizabeth said...

How fun!! We do the same thing every Thanksgiving with some of Nick's family- but we didn't do it this year and I was pretty bummed- although I have to admit it was nice not to freeze our boodies off for once:) Glad to see you had so much fun with all of your family!