Friday, December 4, 2009


This year for Thanksgiving we were able to go to Wyoming and spend it with my moms side. We had a wonderful time with lots, and lots, and lots of tasty food! 

My little family! Ha ha my dad is asleep on the couch behind us, typical thanksgiving evening! 

Lexi and I waiting for some turkey!
Preparing for the feast!
Me, my sister Chey with her new dark locks, and My sister in law becky!
I had an amazing thanksgiving and I am so blessed to have all that I have! I really am one lucky girl!


Kristy said...

You have such a beautiful family! I hope we get to see each other around Christmas. Brielle is getting so big, she definitely has her mother's beautiful looks.

elicia said...

I love Chey's new dark hair and your hair is getting way long.

Aubree said...

Oh my goodness.. Chey's hair is dark!! She looks SO cute. You guys are all so cute! I have the most gorgeous cousins! ha. :) do you have extensions in??

Jeff and Ashley said...

Cute family!

Colette said...

Dang that looks a lot like my house!

Colette said...
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Cassie said...

Woah! You look fab in your kissy hat pic. Craig's a lucky sun of a gun!